Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Honest Co. Holiday Guide.

During the summer I did a Review on the Honest Co Diapers & Wipes. I absolutely love them! They also changed their wipes thickness! So that is a plus!

Since they first started, They have added so many new items. 

They have added New Patterns to their Diaper Line & also added Training Pants!! I am actually getting my shipment today with one of their new patterns! 

The Honest Diaper Bundle is $79.95 and comes with 

6 packs of Diapers {size/weight depends on quantity}
4 - 80ct packs of Wipes
*Allen is in Size 4's so it will be 6 packs of 31 diapers will be 186 diapers in the bundle.
{Just pay $4.95 S&H}

The Honest Family Essentials Bundle is $35.95 and comes with 5 Products a month and you can mix and match any of the following each month:

Body Oil, Bubble Bath, Conditioner, Dish Soap, Auto Dish Detergent, Hand Sanitizer {8oz x1}, Hand Sanitizer {2oz x2}, Sunscreen, Surface Cleaner, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Hand Soap, Healing Balm, Laundry Detergent & Wipes.
{Just pay $4.95 S&H}

You can also purchase everything separately or get BOTH Bundles. If you sign up for both bundles, they waive the shipping!

There are also new Honest Kits available! 

Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Body Wash, Conditioner, Body Oil, Face & Body Lotion. $49.95
Laundry Detergent, Shampoo, Healing Balm, Face & Body Lotion, Hand Soap. $13.95
Laundry Detergent, Dryer Cloths, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Hand Soap, Dish Soap. $35.95
 Shampoo & Body Wash, Healing Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, Diapers. $45.95
 Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Healing Balm, Wipes. $49.95
 Body Oil, Bubble Bath, Face & Body Lotion, Organic Lip Balm Trio, Conditioning Mist. $45.95

The list of goodies are endless!!! 

Honest Diaper Bundle
Honest Diapers  
Honest Wipes 
Honest Training Pants
Honest Baby Bottle
Honest Travel Wipes 
Honest Swim Diapers

Honest Organic Lip Balm Trio
Honest Body Oil
Honest Bubble Bath
Honest Bug Spray
Honest Conditioner
Honest Conditioning Mist
Honest Face & Body Lotion
Honest Hand Sanitizer {2oz. & 8oz. bottles}
Honest Hand Soap
Honest Healing Balm
Honest Shampoo & Body Wash
Honest Sunscreen

Honest Family Essentials Bundle
Honest Bathroom Cleaner
Honest Floor Cleaner
Honest Toilet Cleaner
Honest Auto Dishwasher Gel
Honest Dish Soap
Honest Dishwasher Pods
Honest Dryer Cloths
Honest Fruit + Veggie Wash
Honest Laundry Detergent
Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner
Honest Oxy Boost
Honest Rinse Aid
Honest Stain Remover

Whats amazing is that you can now GIFT Bundles to Friends and Family! Do you have a friend or family member who is expecting? You can gift them a 1, 3 or 6 month membership for Diapers Bundle and/or the Essential Bundle! You can also send them an adorable Gift Card and let them choose what they want!

If you would love to try out The Honest Co. you can either click here or click on the Honest Logo on my sidebar!

Right now you can get a Free Trial* of either their Honest Diaper Bundle or their Honest Essential Bundle.
*Just pay S&H of $4.95 

*product/services from The Honest Company were not given to me for this review, however, all opinions expressed are my own. I was not compensated in any way. I purchased all products.


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