Sunday, December 2, 2012

Show and Tell: My Christmas List!

Oh Christmas!!!

I love this time of year! I love seeing what toys get my kids super excited. They love helping with the tree and making cookies. Family is one of the most amazing things someone can have. I have been blessed with a hard working husband and three amazing children. They are so spoiled with love :)

This year, just like every other year, I am making my extravagant Christmas List! These things are what I would love to have and need to work for! So, without further adieu...


{A gigantic Gift Card to Benefit!}

I think thats all of the big stuff!!!

What are you wanting for Christmas? Go link up with Becky for Show & Tell!!



Kimberly said...

oh.....Coach rain boots! I should add them to my list.

Cari said...

stopping by from the link-up LOVE LOVE LOVE those outfits!