Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Funday...

We had to send in the laptop for maintenance, so we have been without a computer for about a week... Thank god for smart phones! And my dads!!

This past week has been pretty easy...

I started the Atkins diet last friday and my first weigh in was day before yesterday {Friday}. I could not believe how many carbs are in some of the tiniest things! My first week went really well and I lost 10.5lbs!!

Yesterday was Dave's 31st Birthday was yesterday and we the family had Chicken Enchiladas and I had just the filling since I cant have any breads/tortillas.

Tomorrow I have a fabulous Holiday Giveaway! Don't forget to swing by tomorrow and enter!

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!!!


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californiadreamin said...

WOO HOOOO on the 10.5lbs!!! Great job, girl!