Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A whole week without blogging.. Things have been so busy lately..

This will just be my recap of everything that has happened over the last week...

Tuesday, I had my weight check for my Surrogacy stuff. Everything went pretty well. I hate that the dr scale is always a pound or two off.. lol We are still waiting on a yay or nay from the agency/ivf dr for the go ahead.. I also posted this picture and didn't realize until I got bombarded with facebook comments... Ooops!

{No babies here!!}

Thursday, Allen had a horrible reaction to the grass. His arms, face & legs were covered in hives/welts and red splotchy areas.. He was breathing fine, so I didn't have to use the Epi-Pen, but bad enough I had to run to the store and grab some benadryl. I called his ped and they wanted to see him that day. The benadryl helped about 75% of the reaction, so he was getting some every 4-6 hours. Poor guy :(

Saturday we had a few birthday parties to go to.. The kids had a lot of fun and got to tie-dye shirts! I also made Homemade Monkey Bread!! The kids devoured it!!

Sunday was Easter!! The kids had so much fun hunting for eggs and playing with their Easter Baskets!!

Sunday was also the day my husband had a complete breakdown when our Two year old threw the remote at our not even 2 month old tv.. Yes, Allen should know better than to throw things, but he has to remember that it is just a tv. Allen realizes that he did something wrong and keeps telling Dave "sorry daddy, I broke the tb.." :( The tv can be replaced..

{Warranty covers everything except theft and if we do something to it...}

Yesterday, I had errands to run so my dad kidnapped Allen and they decided to go to the California Academy of Science. My dad said that Allen was amazing and that he actually had to pry Allen away from each exhibit. Allen would just sit there and watch the fish for a good 20 minutes. This little boy loves anything and everything that has to do with sea life! He is also infatuated with Nemo! He watches that movie at least 2-3 times a day and doesn't get sick of it.

If you got through all of this... Congratulations!

Hope you all have a great day!!

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Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Wow, the kids must have been very good, the Easter Bunny went all out at your house :-)

Had a similar pregnancy "mis-call" when I mentioned that I'm back on the meds. I was referring to the thyroid hormones, everyone else thought of pre-natals. The really ironic twist on the story was, that at this point, I was about 4 weeks pregnant without knowing and had to come out about 6 weeks later :-)