Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reality TV Thursday....

Can't believe its Thursday already! That means DJ has a full week of Kindergarten under his belt AND Reagan starts her 2nd year of Preschool on Monday!

So for everyone who knows me, knows that I love me some good reality tv...

So, while Reagan and Allen were napping yesterday, I was skimming through On-Demand and came across Married to Jonas..

Let me just say that I don't think I have ever listened to the Jonas Brothers. After watching that first episode, I am hooked.. I felt so bad for Danielle.. She has absolutely no say in what goes on around there. I know that being the wife of a pop star is gonna be tough, but having the whole family talk about when she should get pregnant and actually schedule it is a little much!!

Seriously, How freaking cute are they?!? Oh.. My favorite part is that she is kind of "air-ey" like Jessica Simpson! She says some of the funniest things... Love it!! Also, her dad is constantly showing up unannounced and has no problem with it.. hahaha

On to the next show..

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo..

Seriously?! I will never look at a biscuit the same way ever again..

Who comes up with these shows? I just don't get it.. I don't have a lot to say about this show, since I was only able to stand about 15 minutes of it. The parts I did see was when they were weighing themselves. I would have slapped my child if they said half of what she said.. So pitiful...

Do people like the Thompson family really exist?? These redneck celebrations where teenage girls named Pumpkin go bobbing for raw pig feet really happen??

Last but definitely not least...

I'm Having Their Baby...

Oh my goodness... This show turned me into an ugly crier.. This show goes behind the Adoption Scenes and we get to see what everyone goes through. Some of the moms decide last minute that they want to keep their  babies, which leave the adoptive parents with empty arms and shattered dreams. Even after being in the delivery room and already starting to bond with these babies. Breaks my heart, but I know it happens all of the time.

These moms share why the feel like placing the baby up for adoption might be the best choice and admit that they sometimes don't think they'll be able to follow through with their decision. These are some heart-wrenching decisions. I don't think I could ever give up my baby, unless it was a surrogacy pregnancy. I applaud these moms for their selfless acts for families who can't have babies.. ugh *tear*

**Since my birthday is in a few weeks, I plan to have a HUGE GIVEAWAY on the blog!! So keep an eye out for that!!!


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Tickled Pink said...

I'm so with you and the word "biscuit" after seeing Honey Boo Boo! I seriously giggle every time I hear it. Train wreck!