Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Shopping!

I went out last night and got some pretty good deals!

First I went to Old Navy since they were open all day yesterday and got the kids some super cute shirts for $5. I love Old Navy's clothes!! I need to go back and get them pants and more tops!

Reagan's cute flannel tops!
I've been wanting to get DJ a run dmc shirt for a while, but I could never find any in his size till now!
And of course cute little l/s onesies for Allen! I love the monkey!

Then I went to Walmart and scoped out the area. Nothing went on sale till midnight so I went home and ate, put the kids down and relaxed a little bit. At around 10:30 I decided to head out to walmart and when I got there, people were already putting the door busters in their carts. So I went around and got everything that was on my walmart list.

The griddle Dave has been wanting :) ($9.97)
The Waffle Maker I have been wanting forever....! ($9.97)
Dave saw this in the paper and wanted me to get it if there were any left. A Mini Chopper for $2.97 :)
Also the kids pajamas! I love the 3 piece because of the Robes! {hehehe} The kids are going to look so cute in them!

DJ got Toy Story...
Reagan got Tinkerbell...
And my lovely picture frame collage :) I'm going to start putting pictures in it when the kids go down for their naps :)

All in all it was a good night.
I still have to get the kids a lot more clothes and Allen some things.


Jess said...

Looks like you found some good stuff! I {totally} love Old Navy's baby clothes- I just ordered some myself. Didn't wait until Black Friday, though. oh well.

lovemylevi said...

Oh, I need that monkey onesie! how cute!
Found your blog through babycenter!

Anonymous said...

girl i got everything you got too!! hahhah <3 Bunnie