Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 7 Months, Allen!

Sweet Baby Boy,
Seriously, Seven Months?!? It seems like just yesterday I was blogging your six months. This has been my favorite month so far! You have done so many new things this month, it just amazes me! You mastered crawling and can now go from the living room to the bedroom in 5 seconds flat. You also learned that you can pull yourself up on everything... You got three more teeth this month and love your baby teeth smiles! Your personality is starting to show more and more and so far we are head over heels for you. Last night you let go of the couch and stood by yourself for a good 5 seconds. You are going to be an early walker, just like your big sister. I can not wait to see what new exciting things bring!!

I love you,

Baby Stats
Your Sleeping is fabulous!
bed time is at 8:30p
you wake up anywhere from
5-7am with a big smile.
You sleep through the night
about 3/7 nights a week...
You absolutely love your naps
and go down so easily.
Your naps range from 30 minutes
to 3 hours. `
Daily Routine
Our routine is still the same and is amazing!
You love to nap and eat and play!
You are crawling everywhere
and I constantly have to watch to
make sure you don't fall down
after pulling yourself up onto everything.
You are currently on Up & Up {Target Brand}
You drink 6oz about every 4 hours.
You have mastered all foods.
You are now on stage 2 fruits & veggies
and on stage 2 grains and meats...
Your current faves are
Rice Cereal & Apples w/ Cinnamon
Apples & Chicken...
You also love Cheerios and Arrowroot Cookies!

Birth: 7lbs 7oz
2 weeks: 8lbs 3oz {50th Percentile}
1 month: 9lbs 6oz {45th Percentile}Home Scale.
2 months: 11lbs 4oz {50th Percentile}
3 months: 13lbs 7oz {35th Percentile}
4 months: 14lbs 8oz {25th Percentile}
5 months: 16lbs 2oz {30th Percentile} Home Scale.
6 months: 17lbs 4oz {30th Percentile} Home Scale.
7 months: 20lbs 8oz {40th Percentile} Home Scale.

Birth: 20 inches
2 weeks: 21 1/4 inches {90th Percentile}
1 month: 22 inches {70th Percentile}
2 months: 24 inches {95th Percentile}
3 months: 25 3/4 inches {95th Percentile}
4 months: 26 1/4 inches {95th Percentile}
5 months: 28 inches {95th Percentile}
6 months: 28 1/2 inches {95th Percentile}
7 months: 28 3/4 inches {95th Percentile}
You are still wearing
Huggies Little Movers size 3
They are starting to get
a little snug...
You are comfortably wearing 9 month clothes.
You are a very long little guy!
You are also sporting some 9/12 month outfits
and jammies...
You are just so long..
My string bean!

Hair Color
Birth: Lots of Black Hair...
Currently: Blonde Hair...
Eye Color
Birth: Steel Grey
Currently: Blue..

4 Teeth
Pulling self up
Standing w/o holding on
{getting kinda fearless..}

Favorite Toys
Teething Keys
Anything that makes noise
Anything he can get his hands on!

♥ Happy Seven Months, Allen!! ♥


Samantha said...

Whoa! He is standing like a champ! Truitt can only hold himself up for a second unless he's leaning against something. Way to Grow Allen!!!

Laura said...

Standing up unassisted AND crawling? Way to go, Allen!