Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello August!

Hello August!

August, I am so happy you are here!
This month is back to school month
Only 20 more days till school starts!!

This past weekend I had a yard sale and it was a complete fail.. We only made like $40... DJ and Reagan made out pretty good they sold cookies and lemonade for .25c each.

Allen now has 4 teeth. Three of them came in at the same time.. poor guy was so crabby and in pain. As you can see he is happy they have broke through!

I gave Allen some smashed up bananas and let him go at it. He thought it was the greatest thing!

DJ and I relaxing after a long day with the yard sale.. it was a very long day..


This is Allen's new thing. He loves to get on all 4's and crawl around. My dad says he is doing his baby push ups.. hahahaha

Allen loves to crawl everywhere and pull himself up on things. I think he was trying to tell us that he wants back in his infant seat. He has graduated to a convertible seat! He is using Reagan's Britax and he is loving all of the freedom and he can see everything now!

My dirty little girl.. She loves to play at papa's house and by the end of the day, she is covered in dirt, mud and anything else she can get her hands on..

Hope you have a great week!!

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