Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh Big Brother...

Why do you have to play me like that....

So if you are a Big Brother Junkie like myself, then you know whats going down..

First off, in the beginning I wanted all of the veterans out of the house and was rooting for Sherri & Cassie... Well after a few weeks, I really started to like Jordan & Jeff... Love them! I know I have said that I can not stand Rachel, but when she is away from Brendon she is actually a good competitor.. Yeah she's very annoying, but now I kind of feel bad for her.. {gasp!}

So fast forward to Sunday night, I can not believe what Kalia is doing! She just got some big targets on her! I started to like Danielle and Kalia and then when she pulled this crap with Jeff, I now want her gone! I actually know what happens on tonight's episode, thanks to wikipedia :) There are so many floaters going around the house and they don't do anything at all.. I can not wait to see them go home!

I am so excited for tonight's episode!!

And then the eviction tomorrow!!

See Ya!!!

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Samantha said...

I don't care how good Rachel does at competitions- I CANNOT STAND HER! That laugh kills me and she is such a cry baby! UGH!!!

I love Jeff and Jordan too but I really root for the underdogs so I like Kalia and Dani. I hope that Cassi comes back though :D