Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Mini Vacay :)

This past weekend we went to San Francisco to see family..

We got to s.f. around 10am and it looked so cold outside. Go figure I pack the kids no pants or jackets.. So after we meet for breakfast, we run into Kohl's and get the kids some pants and sweatshirts.

 We were going to go to the S.F. Zoo, but it was so cold outside. So we went to Coyote Point and the kids had a blast. There was a lot of hands on activities to do and they got to see animals too! So it was a win win!
 {Playing in the waterfall..}

 {Allen not to sure of all the fun stuff..}

 {Two Turtles on a log.. DJ took this picture too!}
{Stopping for a snack..}
 They were so intrigued by all of the fun things. They had a wind bike, wind tunnels, fog machines, puzzles and a lot of other fun things! DJ and Reagan were all over the place trying to play with everything in the room. haha

{Allen loved the fog machine..}

{DJ was using this as a turn table... Its DJ D.J. hahaha}

The kids had so much fun in the hotel room. They were jumping on the bed and running all around. They started getting antsy and bouncing off the walls about an hour later... I was ready to get out of the hotel and get a drink.. hahaha

I woke up around 2am and started getting sick.. I felt like death. I could not keep anything down, even water. All I wanted to do was sleep, but laying down made me sick too.. It was all bad. We then went over to the fam's house on Sunday and hung out and the kids played in the play room and Reagan wandered the kitchen and the 5+ bedrooms.. This house was monstrous! And I want this kitchen!! Allen was having fun playing with the dog through the sliding glass door.

They got to go to the park before we left for out venture home. Miss. Static Queen had a blast and DJ was all over the place... They had a blast this weekend and want to go back and see memaw and play again!

{Until next time...}

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Samantha said...

Looks like a great trip (minus the sick part) and sweats sound DEVINE! It has been over 100ยบ almost every day since May with NO rain!