Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Eleven Months, Allen!

{bad mommy had everything ready to go, just didn't post it :( }

Wow, 11 months! 

This year has gone by so fast, it's ridiculous! Like I say every month, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home :) In just one short month, this little guy will be one! Planning his birthday has been so much fun! I love planning parties and get togethers!

This month has been really fun! Allen is currently 22lbs and very tall. He is still in size 3 diapers and is wearing all 12 month clothes. He has a few 18 month long sleeve shirts that are a hair big. We introduced cows milk to him but we have noticed that his tummy doesn't do too well with it. I bought some lactose/dairy free milk and he did not like it at all! He is going to get more allergy testing done, that way we will know what's going on. He is still getting formula and is eating 3 meals and snacks. He loves to drink from a Sippy cup!

Allen is all over the place. He doesn't crawl anymore and likes to run everywhere! He has mastered his jumping {sorta}, he thinks it's the funniest thing to try and jump. He loves to dance around the house with DJ and Reagan. He is learning new things every day and I love to watch him explore and soak up everything in his path. His new things to do are:

- Wave and say "bye, bye, bye."
- Point to things and say "this!"
- Blow kisses
- Says mama, dada, papa, bye, this, baba, me-me's {nummies/food}, ball and dah {dog}.
- Mimics people when they laugh.

His sleeping habits are getting so much better! He is starting to really sleep through the night and rarely wakes up! If he does, its usually for a bottle or he lost his blanket. He takes 1-2 naps a day, lasting 1-3 hours. This little guy has been teething, so his sleeping has been less than normal. He is working on tooth #7 & tooth #8, so he has been crabby..

Allen had Croup for the second time this year. He was completely miserable and I felt so helpless. I absolutely hate it when any of my kids are sick. Its hard to keep germs away since the older two are in school. But he is feeling so much better, minus the teething!

His favorite toys to play with are anything DJ and Reagan are playing with.. Seriously! He will go into the kids room and play with them for hours. He is able to hold his own and loves his little bit of freedom. His favorite time of day is obviously bath time! He comes running when he hears the water running.. lol Such a little goober!!

I can't believe you are almost one, little guy!

Mommy loves you so very much!!

Happy Eleven Months, Lovebug!


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Jess said...

I can't believe he's already 11 months. Time is flying by! PS I love the tooth chart! I want to make one for Elliot!