Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Show me Christmas {Traditions}.. Week 3

This week on Show Me Christmas, is all about Traditions!

We get to talk about our traditions, activities, recipes, etc..

Past Traditions:

- Going to my GG's Christmas Eve and Opening Presents!
- My sister and I would always wake up hella early, make a lot of noise and then run back to our beds.. That way when our parents would come out, we would magically wake up! Then we got to open presents because everyone was up.. hahaha Sneaky!
- Baking, Baking and lots more Baking.. I love to bake & cook!
- Christmas Brunch.. I loved having all of my grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins together..

Present Traditions:

- The kids and I love to make Ornaments, Cards and Decorate the House & Tree!
- They love to help me bake and make cookies!
- Taking the kids to see the christmas lights! They absolutely love it!!

Future Traditions:

- Elf on the Shelf!! I had never heard of this until this year!
- Decorating the house as a Family!

A Recipe:

Kugele - Dave makes a delish Lithuanian Potato Dish!!


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