Friday, December 2, 2011

Photo Dump Friday...

Ahhhh Friday!

Next weekend I am throwing an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!" These are the sweaters Dave and I will be wearing! These are hilarious!! My sister has been keeping a lookout at her work for some gems like these! I can't wait to see everyone else's sweaters!!

{Dave's Beauty that will probably be a little tight... Hahaha!}

{My amazing gem, Includes Ice Skaters and all!!}

Yesterday after DJ was playing with my ipod, I found all of these hilarious pictures.. I was wondering why he was in the bathroom for so long.. hahahaha He took over 100 pictures.. They are mostly of him making different facial expressions and then there are the toilet, bathtub, feet and bathmats... This little guy loves to take pictures of himself and has the funniest facial expressions...

{The many faces of DJ!}

Have a great weekend!!!


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Our Little Bubble said...

HAHA those are great! I've secretly always wanted to go to one of those parties. Maybe we'll throw one next year? have fun!!