Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Show Me Your Christmas: Week Two!

This weeks "Show Me your Christmas" is Decorations!!

I have no decorations up.. How sad is that..
{it's a long story..}

Oh Wait! I have the Stockings up, but that's it.

So, I will show you some of last year and my favorite place to take the kids :) I remember being the kids age and my parents and grand parents taking me to Dovewood Ct to see all of the lights!!

And a video of one of the houses :)

I can't wait to take all three kids here next week!!

So go link up with Becky & Aly and post your Holiday Decorations!!


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Have a great Tuesday!



californiadreamin said...

Nice, Im going there next week too!! Maybe Ill run into you and your fam :)

Mrs. Mama said...

i cant wait to take elli to see the lights! i think she'll love them!

Jess said...

Wait a minute, NO DECORATIONS?! What in the world? I think this story deserves it's own blog post, hehe. :) Or maybe, just maybe... not everyone is a Christmas fanatic like I am.