Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mama needs a vacation, stat...

I can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away! This year has gone by so fast.. In 8 short days, the family and I will be boarding a plane for Seattle! The kid are excited to go on an airplane again..

I have been making my packing lists for everyone and I am completely lost.. We have to make room for everything that will be coming home with us: clothes, toys, etc.. I'm the type of person that will pack a weeks worth of clothes for an overnight trip haha. I need to be ready for anything that comes my way! Plus it's going to be super cold and maybe snowing, so I need to pack all of the kids warm bulky clothes.

While we are up in Seattle, we get to visit friends and family members that myself and the kids have never met! I'm pretty excited about that!! :) One of them is a fellow BBC Momma that I met when we were pregnant with out July/August 08 babies! She is such a fabulous mom and says some of the most hilarious things. Another person is Dave's cousin from his mom's side :) We are going to get together with him and his partner, I can't wait! We even share the same birthday, so I know we will get along great!

This past weekend the kids had a "homework/family bonding project" to do. Thankfully I remembered Sunday evening about it.. {bad mommy} We had to trace both the kids hands and one foot to make Rudolph! They also had to have a background and the teacher said "Be Creative!"

hahaha does she know who she is talking to?!?

I didn't have any thick paper, so I cut up my shutterfly box that my calendars came in and had them start painting!! DJ was done in like 5.7 seconds {typical adhd child} and Reagan took her time and made sure there was paint on every inch of her paper {typical ocd child}..

After they were done drying, I glued the Rudolph's onto their painted papers and busted out the Puff Paints.. Hahaha! DJ told me what colors he would like and what he wanted me to do, and the same with Reagan.

I thought they were delightfully tacky and perfect for preschool! It showed creativity!

When we brought them to school, their teacher loved them!! I was pretty happy about the final products!

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KERRY said...

They look awesome!! Such cute memories...and yes, Christmas is coming way too fast!! Enjoy Seattle, stay warm :)
Merry Christmas Breanna!!

californiadreamin said...

So what are your plans for occupying Allen on the flight? We are going to Denver on the 31st and Im wondering how Im gonna keep him still/occupied for 2 hours