Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meeting Someone Special....

On Monday, I was able to meet a very special person in my life! April and I met on BBC for our August 08 Babies!  Her and I, along with 14 other girls came together on a private pro board. Since 2007 we have been great friends. We have shared so many things including some dark secrets, from both sides. I consider a great friend and will always cherish her friendship. So far, I have met 2 amazing "Sassy Mama's!"

When my mom asked us to come up to Washington for Christmas, I was ecstatic since April lived about an hour away from her. I was supposed to come up to Seattle with a friend last year, but became pregnant and didn't want to travel by car that far. So when the opportunity came, I took it!

We decided that Reagan and Cash would have an arranged marriage, even before they were born! LOL I highly doubt they will like this idea though..

When I met April in person, I instantly knew she would be a life long friend. She has such a tender heart and you can tell she loves her children with all of her heart. I hope that we can look back 15-20 years from now and still be that excited to see each other or chat with each other!

When we got there, Cash did not want to play so all of the other kids went upstairs to play. Reagan followed April's daughter around like a lost puppy. Reagan had so much fun with Taylor and before we left, Taylor said "I wish we could keep her forever!" I think she wants a little sister.. lol

Here are a few pictures of our playdate! On thursday, Dave and I are going out with April and Matt to the Casino!! KID FREE!!! I am so freaking excited!!!

 {April & I}
 {Cash & Myself}
 {Reagan & April}
{There is over 125lbs lost between us in this picture!!} 
{Cash & Reagan!! The two that brought April and I together :) }


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