Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beautiful.... the weather here in sunny california has been absolutely gorgeous lately! I can't believe it was 72 degrees yesterday, in February.
The kids played in the house until it was warm enough to go outside. They were having so much fun playing on the McQueen 4-wheeler... I love these kids with all of my heart!

{My Blondies...}
{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }
{Look at those Curls!!}
{Silly Babes!}
{As you can see, Allen was not amused...}

The kids had so much fun playing outside and running out all of their pent up energy. The kids have been home this whole week for Presidents Week. I was going stir crazy and had to get out of the house. All three of them ran and ran and ran till they passed out!
{Playing with Chez}
{Crazy Kids!!}
{that is some seriously dead grass.. lol}

So the Hotel for Vegas is booked for July!! I am so excited!! Some of My Team and I are going to the 2012 Scentsy Convention! You have absolutely no idea how excited I am! Plus, I have never been to Vegas. Well, I have had layovers and flight changes there, but I haven't been on the strip.. Dave on the other hand, is freaking out a little.. He will be home with all three kids for 5 days... hahaha I can't help but laugh.. I told him that he now gets to see what I go through every day. Of course family will help him and things like that.
{Even my planner is ready!!!}

My UPS guy is going to know me by first name by tuesday. I have had 3 deliveries this week and 2 coming next week.. hahaha Today I got my Tester Bag & I love it! So if you need any Scentsy, you know where to go! HERE!
{Isn't she pretty?!?}
{still have more scents to put in there!}

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! DJ starts T-Ball Practice on Monday & I am gonna go enroll DJ into Kindergarten... Eeek!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the photo of the tote! It's $30 off right now, and there was no way I was ever spending $55 for it! I think I'll take advantage now that it's cheaper.