Friday, February 10, 2012

It's About Time!!!

Photo Dump Friday....

This morning I was finally able to do something cute with Miss. Reagan's hair!! Her hair is s.l.o.w.l.y growing.. As in, she has only had a trim to fix the uneven-ness... We believe it has to do with her Pica & being borderline Anemic.


Here is her adorable Valentine's Day Hair Do!!! {yes, I know I am a few days early.. so what!}
{How freaking cute are those?!?}

{All together now... Awwww!}

{I would rather spend an evening like this making memories with my kids, than anything else!}

{The Tooth Fairy came to the kids class! She said the creepiest thing ever..
Student: What happens to all of the teeth after you take them?
Tooth Fairy: Well, I build my castle with all of the teeth I collect.
kinda grossed out, not gonna lie!}

{Our transmission in our honda finally gave up on wednesday morning.. Thank God Dave works at a dealership. So while our Transmission is being fixed, I get to drive around in a 2012 Acura TSX.. I am absolutely in love with this car!!! I will definitely shed a few tears when we have to give it back..}

{My Scentsy Starter Kit came in the mail!! I already have a few parties lined up and after being a Consultant for four days, I am already sponsoring an amazing friend!! I love my team!}

{Yes, I will admit that if Target had DJ's size, He would have been the new owner of this shirt.. hahaha}

{Zebra Print Nails}

Hope Ya'll have a fabulous friday!!

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californiadreamin said...

LOVING the zebra nails. Are they those Sally Hansen stickers I've been seeing around? What a creepy tooth fairy, yikes!

Anonymous said...

Love your nails did you do them