Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Okay, Thursday..

It's Thursday and Link up time with Amber for...

Its Ok Thursdays

So, here we go...

It's okay..

- That I ordered $52 worth of Girl Scout Cookies yesterday. Out of 13 boxes, 2 are mine.

- I have lost 50lbs in five months and don't really see it. {I see a big loss, just not what I was looking for. kwim} Does that even make sense?!

- I am addicted to iced coffees.. I make at least 2 a day.

- I am currently researching Surrogacy. I want to help a couple become a family within the next 5 years!

- I haven't exercised in almost a week and have no desire or energy to to it.

- I might have eaten 5lbs of candy yesterday. Stupid visitor messing up my weight loss..

- I am so nervous about my Boudoir Photo Shoot in may! Hopefully I will be down another 10-20lbs. I can't wait to go shopping for that shoot though!

- I just bought new jeans for christmas and they are already big on me. Once again, I have nothing to wear...

So what are you saying "It's Okay" about today?!

Go link up!

Also, A big Giveaway will happen next week!! Been planning it for a month now!!

Have a great Thursday!!



Anonymous said...

OMG I love Girl Scout cookies!!!

Micah said...

Your willingness to be a surrogate is heartwarming. What a a wonderful and unselfish gesture. You are going to make some couple's dreams come true!!

KERRY said...

I wish they sold Girl Scout cookies here :(
You are doing so well with your weightloss, we can see a huge difference, but you are probably more critical of yourself as we all are on ourselves.
I despise those weeks too where a certain 'visitor' ruins everything :(
Have a good candy filled day!!