Thursday, February 16, 2012

Germs, Stay Away!

I for one, am so tired of having sick children...
About a week ago, Reagan came home with something and it has completely destroyed 3 family members. Reagan had the nasty cough, green snotty nose and fever. It lasted about 2 days before poor Allen got it. Allen's cough sounds so painful and his cries definitely show it.

Last night Allen started coughing so bad, he was choking and puked everywhere.. and when I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere.. Poor little guy can't catch a break and has felt so miserable. I took them to the dr this morning and both kids have Double EI's and Red Throats. Reagan had to get her ears flushed because of how waxy her ears get. I swear this child can make a candle a week with all that wax.. {okay, that was a little gross.. haha} and oh how fun that was..

So Reagan has two liquid antibiotics and her 2 inhalers & Allen has 2 liquid antibiotics.. I was looking to pick up a new Nebulizer because the one the dr gave us is on its last leg.. So, when I finally find one at the 10th store I stopped at, they said that I needed a prescription for it.. Excuse me?! Since when do you need an Rx for a freaking nebulizer?? I was pretty pissed!

So this afternoon I am on the hunt for a nebulizer...

Well the littlest is crying, Hope you all have a great thursday!

Oh on a good note, DJ is on the GIANTS T-Ball Team!!! Whoo Hoo!


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