Monday, February 20, 2012

New Ink!!!

Yesterday I started my big present to myself! I said that once I lost 50lbs and kept it off for 1 week, I was going to get my big Tattoo!!!

Here is the 30 second sketch he did..

Back story:

Koi Fish are symbolic for Family and Good Luck.

I remember wanting a Koi for the longest time, even before I started having kids. I love the meanings and cultures behind them. When I reached my 50lb weight loss goal, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! The Koi will be swimming up stream, which means you have overcome and/or are overcoming hardship and trying times. The colors I will be using are Black: Father, Red/Orange: Mother, Blue/White: Boy & Pink/Red: Girl. Those are also the colors of the Japanese flags that are flown on Children's Day..

I am so excited about this piece. This piece is My Family!  

{Stencil is on and we are ready to rock!! If I wiggle my fingers, the tail moves.. hahahaha}

{Outline is done!!}

{All cleaned up! Love this already!}

I will be adding everything else in about 2-3 more sittings. My arm was so raw just after this area. The crease and my elbow hurt the most.

And to leave you with something funny..
This was hanging in the shop:

{If you are
 On Drugs
Dirty or Else
 Please Come Back
 When You Are Not!}


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KERRY said...

I love it!! Looks awesome so far...