Monday, March 11, 2013

Surrogacy Update..

I guess this blog needs a Surrogacy Update..

First let me give you a little back story..

I flew down to L.A. back in November and had my Medical Evaluation. After everything was done, I had to lose about 28lbs to be under a certain bmi. After the IVF Dr & my Caseworker talked, the family that I was working with decided not to wait for me to lose the weight. They wanted to start looking for another family, but if they couldn't find a family by the time I lost the weight, we would work together.

So, as of last week, I have reached that 28lb weight loss goal!! I contacted my caseworker and told her about it and we were both pretty excited!! It has been a rough 28lbs, but I am so glad that we can now move forward!

So here is my list of what needs to be done now!!

- Go to my Dr's and get a Weight Check done. Send it to my Caseworker and then she will send it to my IVF Dr. {Dr. Appt is next week!!}

- IVF Dr will look over everything and decide whether or not we can move on with the scheduled plan...

- If Approved, We will either go back to our original IP Family and pick up where we left off or wait for another family. We love our IP Family :)

- I will have to fly back down to L.A. for another Medical Screening and my Psychological Screening. I will be shown how to give myself my shots and what shots/meds I will be on.

- Start Contracts and find out when we will be doing the Embie Transfer!!

- Start my meds/bc and be on them for at least 1 month.

- Fly down to L.A. for the Embie Transfer!! {Meet Our IP's!!!}

- Wait for that BFP!!!

So there you have it!! This is my list that I can't wait to start crossing off!! I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone who has sending prayers and good vibes throughout this whole process!!

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