Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to work...

Today was Dave's first day back to work and my first day alone with three kids...

So far things have been going great. This morning when we got home from taking Dave to work, the kids went straight into the house {no fighting} and DJ played Angry Birds on the computer and Reagan watched Toy Story 3 on the couch till we had to leave to take DJ to school.

Getting the kids into the car this morning was great. They both got into their seats without fighting, which made it go about 5 minutes faster. When we got to DJ's school, they stayed by me and didn't run off. After dropping DJ off, Reagan, Allen and I went to Target to swap out diapers and walked around and looked at all of the Valentine goodies. When it was time to pick DJ up, Reagan and Allen were great.

*Now here is where I had my "Bad Mommy Moment." After getting DJ out of his class room, I got Reagan in her seat, DJ climbed into his seat and I got Allen in the car. We were jammin out to music and having a nice drive home. When we got home I got Allen out and when I went to unbuckle DJ out of his booster seat, I realized that I DIDN'T BUCKLE HIM IN..... I felt so bad because what if we would have gotten into an accident or something happened. Thank goodness nothing happened and we all got home safe. I'm also glad that he didn't try to get up and move around.

Right now DJ and Reagan are playing nicely and Allen is asleep in his swing. Today has been a great day, I hope I don't jinx it. In a little bit we have to go pick up Dave and then come home for Reagan's speech therapy sesh.

I survived my first day with the kids!

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Melissa said...

Glad you had a good day! Today's is my first day alone with my 2 kids (2 years, 2 weeks).
Don't feel bad about the seat. When my son was first born my husband and I both thought the other had buckled him into his seat. We drove around like that for an hour, came home to find him unbuckled. We both check now!