Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can sleep when i'm....

Apparently Allen thinks its cool to stay up for hours in the middle of the night. He has been having tummy/pooping issues for a few days and they haven't gone away with the home remedies. He has been getting 1/2oz apple juice and 1/2oz water, so far he has pooped 4 times since Friday {once in the bath, last night} We might have to switch him to Gentlease, DJ and Reagan were on that formula too. So it might just be a thing with my kids... who knows!

Last night we were getting ready to put Allen in his tub and right when I layed him down, He Poops! So we took him out and layed him on a towel. He finished pooping and Dave and I cleaned his tub and put fresh water in it. After he pooped, he was a happy little camper. DJ and Reagan were so excited because they got to help give their brother a bath. {I wish I had taken pictures.. Grrr!}

I put the older 2 kiddos down and Dave had Allen. When I came out from putting them down, Allen was still awake and giving Dave a hard time. I layed on the couch with Allen and we both fell asleep. Allen wakes up at 3:30a and is screaming his head off. I feed, change and rock him. he falls asleep only to be woken up when I lay him down. {I am so glad DJ and Reagan are heavy sleepers} We lay down and watch the lights flicker and he is dazed but not tired. This goes on until he falls asleep at 5:30a. So I go back to sleep only to be woken up at  6a by his bloody murder scream. So we play and eat and burp and get changed and take some gas x. He just fell asleep at 8:15a. I have a feeling he will be out for a while...

Time to get some rest while I can!! Here are a few pics!

 {My little Milkaholic}
 {Tummy time for the tummy pains}
 {Reagan was tired... Don't mind my messy house}
{First time meeting his cousin}

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Niki said...

Oh how I don't miss those gassy tummys and sleepless nights! You know it gets better, Bre, so keep up the good work :D