Saturday, January 22, 2011

House full of sickness...

Yup, The germ cesspool called preschool got DJ sick and then Reagan got sick. Dave and I thought we were going to get passed up, but Nope... We are feeling like complete shit :(  Runny Nose: check, Cough: Check, Fever: Check, Stuffed Up Nose: Check... All Bad!

This morning I had everyone get a Nebulizer Treatment and we are upping our OJ intake and lots of vitamins. DJ kept saying "Look mommy, I'm pumping..." hahaha

 Fighting over who gets the treatment...
I am praying that Allen does not get sick... That would be very very bad. Its bad enough that we are all sick during the last week of Dave's vacation. He goes back to work on Tuesday. I have no idea what I'm gonna do... Eeeek!

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