Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go Away, Flu!

Wow, what a week..

This past week consisted of Birthday Party Planning, Preschool, ER Trip for a 4 year old puke machine and a Bounce Party..

Ugh, DJ got sick on Wednesday evening and started puking every 15-20 minutes from 7pm all the way up until 4:30am.. I was completely exhausted and DJ's tummy was aching. I felt so helpless and just wanted him to be able to sleep and stop dry heaving. He stayed home from school on Thursday and started to feel a little better. He was able to keep a piece of dry toast and some diluted apple juice w/pedialite. After we picked Reagan up from school, we came home and they laid down for naps. About an hour into his nap, he starts puking again. I called his ped and said that he seems dehydrated, been puking and is running a fever. They said to get into the office immediately so they can check him out. His Dr said to take him to the er.. I was really hoping to skip the er for a while..

We get to the er and they give him a Zofran while we wait. After about 5 minutes, I notice a change in him. He is talking more, smiling and starting to act like his normal self. I get him to pee for a sample. He hadn't peed in over 8+ hours. They gave him some apple juice and animal crackers that he was able to keep down. His urine came back with a +2 Ketones. The Dr said that they really don't want to have to iv him, so if I feel like he is doing better and  is keeping fluids down, we can go home with a prescription for zofran. So we went home!

Last night we were invited to a friends birthday party at Bounce U. I was hesitant to take DJ, but he was feeling better and hadn't puked in over 24 hours, so we went. He started to look a little sluggish about 45 minutes in, so I had him get some water and sit down. We got into the party room and he had about 2 bites of his pizza and he was done. He had the look of "mommy, i don't feel good." His eyes were getting watery and I knew it was only a matter of time before he was either going to get sick or cry. I knew he wasn't feeling well when he passed up cake! So Reagan ate her cake and we headed home. When we got home, he got his jammies on and went to bed.

This morning he is doing better, but still has the queasy tummy. Today is going to consist of wiping the whole house with Clorox wipes again and getting everything organized for Allen's party next weekend!!!

Have a great Saturday!

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californiadreamin said...

OMG POOR BABY!! Sorry Breanna, that is terrible. As a mom, Im going to feel so helpless when Troy throws up like that :(

Cindy said...

Yikes, glad everyone is okay now. I am always so fearful of dehydration, but when they won't keep anything down, what are you supposed to do?! My son had a similar stomach bug and I felt INCREDIBLY guilty for trying to get him to drink, b/c immediately after each attempt he would just throw it up again.