Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Ok, Thursday..

Today I am linking up with Amber...

It's Ok...

- That I have a huge mound of clean clothes on my bed waiting to be folded, hung and put away and I probably won't get to it for another 4+ hours..

- If I need at least 3 pieces of paper under the piece I am writing on..

- If my house is a disaster until the kids either take a nap or go to bed.. Whats the point in cleaning if its going to get thrashed within 8.2 seconds?!

- To have Mommy Time and not feel guilty... We need our sanity back..
- That this is the first time I am linking up for It's Ok, Thursday!!

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KERRY said...

I lost my sanity today, somewhere between covering school books and listening to "Mum you just don't understand!"
I agree with the housework, pointless til they are all snuggled up in bed :)