Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How I became a SAHM..

I remember growing up and dreaming about what life would be like as a mommy. In my dreams, I had the perfect house, best behaved kids and Marky Mark as my husband.. {dreaming big!}

Well, when the time came and we found out that we were going to have a baby, I freaked! I was so excited to become a mommy, but was so scared since Hubs and I had only been dating 4 months. I had always wanted Marriage, House and then Family. Well, I guess I was destined to do it all backwards..

After I had DJ, I went back to work at the daycare and was there for about a month before finally quitting. It was great that I could take DJ with me, but the pay was going to gas and I was only part time. I got another job as a CSR at a Temp Agency and had to put DJ into daycare. It killed me to know that someone else would be seeing all of his firsts and loving him.

I was at that job for about three months and then the day came..

I got fired.

It was a lousy excuse on their part, but I was still hurt. I had never been fired from a job, EVER! I hated making cold calls, but I still did them. When I got home, Dave said that it would be easier and would save us money if I just stayed home. He also said that he would prefer me to stay home, since he grew up in a home with a sahm. I was a little taken back by it, but agreed.

For the first few weeks, It was great! I loved playing with my baby boy and not having to get up crazy early.. But then it got so boring. {Don't get me wrong, I love my kids} I was so excited when Dave got home from work because I would be able to have an adult conversation. I never really thought I would have been like that. It made me see how much I took my job outside of my home for granted.

Now with three kids, I don't have time for anything.. haha! Dave said that when they are all in school, I can go back to school or get a job. I told Dave to not hold his breath about it though. I love staying home with my kids, but I cherish those adult convos and adult interaction.

Dave said one of the best things ever a few weeks ago:

"I honestly have no idea how you do it! I would have gone crazy!"

Hahahaha Amateur!

Off to make breakfast for the three munchkins..



californiadreamin said...

Nick has watched Troy for a few hours and says the same thing "I don't know how you do it!". I totally know what you mean tho, if it weren't for my mommy group, I would lose my mind. I sometimes day dream about after babies, going back to work at maybe the elementary school as a yard duty or something haha. Obviously nothing too full time or serious :)

Sarah Allen said...

Being a SAHM is one of the most noble things a person can do.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

KERRY said...

I am so sorry to have robbed you of the opportunity to marry Marky Mark ;)
Thanks for sharing Breanna!