Friday, January 27, 2012

Lactose Free, Please!

When we started making the transition from formula to cows milk with Allen around 11 months old, I noticed that he would get horrible diarrhea and gas pains. {nice way to start a post, right?!}

So we we started mixing 1/2 formula and 1/2 milk, thinking that he is getting too much or his tummy is just trying to adjust to a new change. That lasted about a week and the diarrhea and gas pains were back :( I felt so bad because he was in so much pain. It finally subsided for a few weeks and I thought his tummy was finally liking the cows milk..

boy was i wrong...

Everything mentioned above came back and they brought a diaper rash with it. Allen's poor bottom was so bad, we had to use 2 types of cream. I decided to pick up some Lactose Free milk from the store the other day  hoping that it was just a lactose Intolerant thing..

My little boy is happy again!! Everything is going away and he is finally sleeping at night again {minus the once a night whimper}. It amazes me how one little thing can change the way your body feels and make you feel so horrible. He has been on Lactose Free milk for 5 days and is doing fabulous!

All three kids were on special formula as infants.. DJ was on Gentlease, Reagan was on Nutramigen and Allen was on Soy for 2 months. Lets hope that he will eventually grow out of this and be able to drink regular milk!!

I have a few Fun Posts in the works for the next two weeks!!

- Review & Giveaway Announcement!!
- How I became a SAHM..
- Free Printables Post!
- How I survived Colic..
- Ask Me Anything Post!
- And many more!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!!


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