Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Linking up for WILW but I thought I would switch it up and make it

What My Kids Are Loving, Wednesday!

DJ is loving....

Mack Hauler with Shake n' Go Lightning Mcqueen - Cars & Cars 2 are favorites in this house, so of course this would be one of his favorite toys!
Just Dance Nickelodeon - My child is a video game junkie. No Lie! If I let him, he would be playing wii 24/7. He is great at a lot of games and if you know my son, he is a dancing fool!

Reagan is loving....

Memory Fish Bath Game - This game is super fun! Reagan will stay in the bath for hours if I let her. This game is great for learning!
Tea Set - I honestly have never been to so many tea parties in my life ;) Reagan loves to have tea parties. If I can't play at the moment, she will line up all of her favorite stuffed animals and have her own tea party! She is amazing at pretend play!

Allen is loving....

Crayola Beginnings - Baby Jumbles - This is an amazing sensory product and they are so easy to link together. Allen loves to make them bounce. 

Crazy Legs Learning Bug - He thinks its the funniest thing when he pushes in the bee and the shapes all fly out..

And Moi:

I am loving my 47lb weight loss so far!! If you want to see more pictures or follow my weight loss journey, come on over to my weight loss blog!!
Have a great Wednesday!!!!

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KERRY said...

Breanna great work!!! You are looking awesome and I bet you feel so good too. That is alot of weight you have lost which goes to show your strength and determination. Something I lack :(
Good for you. Oh and I love this idea of switching it to what your kids are loving Wednesdays, what a great way to remember their toys and likes etc.

Bunnie said...

yay I cant wait to have kids to start exploring all this hahha! Yes I have Poop right now :) I am soooo happy.. Alot is going on right now with me and Lucas understands that I want Hovis with me to keep me happy and grounded. He is having the time of his life right now with all this one on one attention being that Sassy and Thor arent around taking it all hahah....there might be a reconciliation soon with us there just needs to be alot of work done to attain that. we will cant fight FATE.