Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 3: Birthday Recap!!


This past 4 days have been completely chaotic, to say the least..

Allen's birthday party was sunday and I felt like I was running around like a mad woman.. I had so much to do but just not enough time to do it all.. I was sad that I didn't get to do a few things, so that kinda put me in a funk.. Not to mention the husband barely helped me.. He saw how stressed I was getting and I was asking him for help, so he would do the bare minimum and then go sit back down and play the wii with the kids.. Grrr!


The party was great and everyone had a lot of fun, especially the Birthday Boy! He had no idea what was going on and was just excited that everyone was around him. He got lots of goodies and we are so thankfull for our family and friends!!

{The Birthday Boy!! He was so excited when he saw that his friend Ava came :)}

{And this beauty right here is Miss. Ava! I absolutely adore her! I got a few ideas for Allen's party from her party! It was super cute!!}

{Cousins playing... Reagan is basically Courtney's shadow. Whatever C does, Regs has to do right after her!}

{Some of the peeps watching the football game!}

{So Allen brought two juices over and gave the berry one to Ava.. Well, Ava didn't want that one, so she tossed it on the floor and tried to take Allens... hahaha! So Allen picked them both up and walked away! }

{Allen got lots of jammies! He needed them badly! I love that he sat in my lap the whole time and did not want to open a single present.. Until we got to a certain present a few pics down!}

{Looking at his new plates!! DJ insisted on helping and would not let me touch the bags.. lol He loved helping Allen open the presents too! }

{He now has his own set of blocks!! DJ and Reagan don't like letting Allen play with theirs because he will chew on them.. LOL Now he has his own and the older two want to play with his..}

{Just Chillin...}

{My Beautiful Baby Girl!! I love her so much!!}

{You see that fork in his hand... That my friend, is the only thing he wanted to play with. Out of all his toys and clothes, that is what he chose.. lol stinker! Also, he got a Cardboard Rocketship! My Sister In Law and Brother In Law get the kids the most unique gifts! I love it!!}

{There is that fork again... }

{Singing happy birthday to him.. He wasn't that amused with our singing, but who can blame him.. hahaha}

{Digging In!!!! He loved it!!}

{As you can tell...}

{My Sweets Table! It had Cupcakes, Licorice, Ring Pops, Hershey Kisses, Sugar Cookies, Triple Double Oreos dipped in white & milk chocolate, Lollipops, Juice, Chocolate Milk and Raisins. Yummy!!}

Saturday was my dads birthday.. I saw a fun fathers day candy card on pinterest and switched it up for a birthday card! My dad loved it and thought it was so creative! I had so much fun making it!!

Happy Tuesday!!!



Anonymous said...

Look how grown up he is! I feel like I say that all the time, but seriously. :) Glad the party went well!

californiadreamin said...

Looks like it went great! I can't believe what a big boy he is now!! So crazy how this year has flown