Monday, December 27, 2010

Allen's Eviction Notice...

Dear Allen James Smith,

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with you, all I could think about was: Who would you look like, If you would take after your brother or your sister, How much you would weigh at birth and How you would make your appearance.

Mommy and Daddy were very shocked when we found out you were on your way! We thought we were done and Daddy had already had his consultation for his vasectomy, but you and god had other plans for us and our family. I waited until I was 16 weeks pregnant with you to tell everyone, that's how scared I was. Finally one day it just clicked and figured that everyone should know that you are coming and since then, you are loved by more and more people each day.

When we found out you were indeed a boy, daddy and I had such a hard time giving you a name. Daddy wanted all of the goofy names and I wanted more modern/unique names. So we both wrote out a list of names, gave it to each other, and then crossed off what names we didn't like. By the end of the crossing out and laughing hysterically over the weird names, we came up with Allen. Allen is your Great Grandpa's middle name and is also not very common right now, Which I LOVE! Your middle name James, just seems to go with it well. But Papa Terry realized that you might be called "AJ" which I am not really happy about.

These last few weeks with you in my belly have been amazing and agonizing at the same time. Your kicks, somersaults and jabs are very reassuring but then again kill mommy. You are one strong little boy and I can not wait to have you in my arms. Your brother and sister cant wait to feed you and hold you. They talk about you all of the time, I think they are a little excited! Everyone is anxious for you to make your appearance.

So as of right now I am serving you your "Eviction Notice." You have until the 31st of December to make your appearance or you will be booted out! Your cute bassinet/pnp that your great grandma got you is all ready for you and the blankets and clothes everyone got you are washed and ready for you too! Mommy has both yours and her hospital bag packed and ready...

We are all just waiting on you!

I love you with all of my heart,

{So please don't make me beg...}

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Bridget said...

Good Luck Breanna! I hope this works for you! I wish you a quick and easy labor!