Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our year in review... Goodbye 2010...

Kids had dentist appts and both are Cavity Free. Kids made cupcakes for Papa's Birthday. Holy Cake Balls. Lots of rainy days. I finished my 52 weeks of a Busy Moms Life. Lots of blog awards. Started planning our trips to Disneyland & Tennessee. Saints beat the Ravens {hahahaha}. Had my 400th post.

DJ had his 1 year checkup for his Tubes, He is now free and clear. Celebrated 2 years of blogging {Go Me!}. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Won a $100 Gift Cert to PajamaGram on a fellow Bloggers Blog. Flashback Thursdays began. Reagan got her first Busted Lip. DJ got a Big Boy Bed. Had Gallbladder Surgery, which was completely unexpected. Happy Valentine's Day.

Two E.R. trips in one month. Packing for Tennessee. Leaving on a Jet Plane. Ear infections. Strep Throat. Visiting family IN Tennessee. Kids had a blast on the plane and visiting their cousins for the first time. Lots and Lots of pictures. Reagan meeting her Great Grandma for the first time. Meeting a Fellow June 2007 Mom.

Walked the March of Dimes. Went out with friends that were in town. {Got Pregnant}. Had Easter at Dads house. Started Potty Training Reagan = Fail. Got the paperwork for DJ's Preschool Registration. Road Trips to Tahoe & Reno. Visited Scheels & Cabelas. Lots of Migraines.

Holy Crap, We're Pregnant. I have a good brain, Per CT Scan. Joined a play group. Started going to the Lowes Build N Grow Clinics, DJ built lots of fun things. Happy Mother's Day. Vasectomy talk. 3 year wedding anniversary. Blog Construction. Tried getting rid of binkies = Fail. Pregnancy scare. Park Play with our Play Group. Morning sickness starts... Bunco. Sassy Momma meet ups.

IEP Meetings for DJ. Happy 3rd Birthday DJ. First Dr appt and u/s. Got to see our little Peanut for the first time. Lots of trips to El Toritos for chips and salsa, oh and Shirley Temples. Our Flat Screen TV finally died on us, even though we had only had it 2 years {never buy Phillips}. Tearful Chick Flicks. Hello 2nd Trimester.

Free Slurpee's on 7/11. DJ now has an Imaginary Friend. Happy 4th of July. Happy 2nd Birthday Reagan. New Maternity Clothes. More ultrasounds and sneak peaks at Peanut. Giveaways. Intelligender said: Girl. Yummy Kugele. New hair do.

Family Reunion in Tahoe. Baby Bumps. Half way mark for the pregnancy. Niello Annual Company Party at the River cats Game this year. A day at the river with the kids. Found my Bridesmaid Dress. DJ starts Preschool!!

Happy 26th Birthday to Me. DJ's first week of school is in the books. Started the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Failed the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Picking a name for Peanut. It's a BOY! Intelligender was wrong. Labor & Delivery Trips. Hello Viability. Reagan got a Concussion and had to get 3 CT Scans, Ambulance Ride and an overnight stay at the Pediatrics Unit. Amber & Andrews Wedding.

Missing relatives. Hello 3rd Trimester. Allen's Baby Shower. Cute baby hats. Pumpkin crafts. DJ's first field trip. Pumpkin Patches. Allen's coming home outfit picked out. Glucose test = Pass/Win. Happy Halloween. Tinkerbell & Spider man.

Baby Pool. Black Friday scouting. Cookie Decorating. L&D to stop contractions, 2 bags of fluid, 2 terb shots, 2 pills.. 9 hours later I was going home. Shutterfly. Happy Thanksgiving. Making my hospital bag list. Black Friday shopping. Good Deals.

Papa's Hunting Buddies. Santa letters. Christmas wish lists. Christmas lights. Self Maternity Pics. Stood 3 hours in line for the Yo Gabba Gabba Meet & Greet. Reindeer Cupcakes. DJ's Christmas Party at school. Full Term. Merry Christmas. Where are you Allen???

This year has been full of ups and downs. Cant wait to see what 2011 brings!

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