Saturday, December 18, 2010

29 Ways to induce labor naturally

I was looking online and trying to find natural ways to start labor... Here is what I found. I've noticed that some of them are not safe for you, so I have crossed them out! Plus I have added a little note next to each of them.

1. Walking - {I like to pack the kids up and go walk the mall}
2. Galloping - {I seriously laughed at this one..}
3. Acupuncture - {Nothing like getting stuck with needles... *Pass}
4. Pressure points - {Dave gives me foot rubs at night and I tell him to focus on the pressure points ;)}
5. Spicy foods - {Going out for spicy food tonight!}
6. Sex and Orgasm - {I'm so not in the mood, but I will take a few for the team}
7. Nipple stimulation - {My boobs are too sore to even touch them... No thanks!}
8. Pineapple - {Mmmmm Yummy!}
9. Dancing - {The kids and I dance around the house all the time while I clean}
10. Squatting - {I love doing squats}
11. Relaxing - {Hahahaha That is impossible in my house}
12. Meditation and/or visualization {Read #11}
13. Evening primrose oil - {You can either take this orally or vaginally}
14. Red raspberry leaf tea - {Its really yummy and can be found at any health food store}
15. Castor oil - {Tried this *3x* with my daughter, and it did nothing for me. I was on the toilet all night, gave me some nasty contractions BUT it did not make me dilate. Your body needs to be ready in order for this to work.}
16. Herbs (such as black and blue cohosh) - {Do not use Black/Blue Cohosh!}
17. Massage - {Anyone want to buy me a prenatal massage?!?}
18. Glass of wine (Consult your doctor!) - {My Dr said 1 glass of red wine is just fine}
19. Stripping the membranes - {My Dr wont strip till after 39 weeks}
20. Marching up stairs - {I do this every day}
21. Rent a sad movie and cry like crazy {I prefer a romantic/love movie like P.S. I love you. You will be crying like a baby}
22. A really bumpy car ride - {Love car rides!}
23. Bouncing and stretching on a birth or exercise ball - {I gotta go blow mine up. I love to sit on it}
24. Swimming - {Not in this cold ass weather!}
25. Mowing lawn or picking weeds
26. Jump on a swing and start swinging - {I have absolutely no idea how this will cause labor, but it sounds like fun!}
27. Talk to your baby and tell him/her it’s OK to come out now - {I am known for my "3 Day Eviction Letters" and am currently 3/4 babies who have been delivered within 3 days of me sending them one!}
28. Watch a really funny movie and laugh until you pee - {I can just sit and watch my kids do stupid stuff and laugh my ass of! No movie necessary}
29. Get down on all fours and shake that - {Like a dog?}

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