Sunday, November 27, 2011

Common Sense, People!!

My poor lovebug is sick :(

Friday he woke up with a nasty cough and it just keeps getting worse. It's a mix between a smokers cough and a bark-like cough. I am praying it's not Croup or BronchIllyria. He had both at 3 weeks old. I was also recently informed that a little boy that was at the same together as us a few days ago, has RSV!

I am so livid!!!

Who takes their sick child to a get together?!? Especially when there are other children coming! There were at least 7 other children there, Allen being the youngest. People have no common sense! So now my child has to suffer because people can't keep their sick kids home, where they should be!!

Allen has been getting breathing treatments at least four times a day. He is having such a hard time sleeping because he so congested and is so crabby. I feel so bed for him :( He looks so miserable and I'm sure he feels the same.. Thankfully he has an appt tomorrow.

I'm going to go cuddle my sick lovebug..

Have a wonderful Sunday..



KERRY said...

I totally understand, sick kids should be kept at home, where they probably WANT to be anyhow if they're feeling poorly. I hope your little man is better soon!!

Samantha said...

I hope he gets to feeling better. Truitt has an awful cough that is on the verge of sounding croupy. We have been on Albuterol for 3 days now and if he's not better by Friday we go back :( His whole chest rattles when he coughs!