Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conferences...

Today we had DJ and Reagan's Parent/Teacher Conference at school. Both kids are doing great!

We will start with DJ:

DJ is a very bright young boy. He knows all of the sounds each letter makes and was told that nobody else in the class has mastered this yet. {proud mama} He is starting to read words and write them out. He does like to go from task to task without picking up, but is working on it in school. We are also working on it with him at home, also. He does have his moments at school about sharing and being disruptive, but what preschooler doesn't?! He likes to rush eating and teeth brushing so he can play, but is slowly getting better at waiting. All in all, he is right on track with everything!

Reagan's turn:

Reagan is a smart little girl too! Her teacher is still trying to get her to fully open up to her when it come to Reagan asking for things and using her words. She is the complete opposite of DJ. She is very quiet when it comes to learning or if she is shy/embarrassed. Her teacher said that, when they are in circle time, she will ask questions and Reagan will look at her but not say anything. You can tell she gets it because of her facial expressions, but she doesn't know how to put what she wants to say into words/sentences. She is still pretty young, so her teacher is not worried at all. Reagan has no problem at all with staying on task {just like mama}. She loves to help in any way she can! She loves to have a "job" at school and gets so sad if she doesn't get one that day. Her favorite's are Song Helper, Teacher Helper and Soap Helper. :)

Both kids still get speech at school two times a week. Reagan will definitely need it again next school year too.

Today was also Picture Day! And in true DJ fashion, He did not want me to touch his hair. So it looks like DJ will have a cow-lick in all of his photos.. He also wanted to wear this hideous Yeti shirt.. Eh Memories, I guess.. Reagan of course wanted to wear her Sleeping Beauty shirt with the tulle flower. Such a girly girl!

I can't wait to see them!! I told the lady that I want to view the pictures before I bought them, just in case! I'm sure they will turn out great! My kids are so photogenic and love to have their pictures taken...

Have a great week!


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