Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinterest, Can you be my Wardrobe?

I am a true addict when it comes to Pinterest.. That little place of joy has me sucked in for hours.

So, since I have lost 30lbs.. {Yep! Thirty Pounds..} I am putting together my Ultimate Goal Wardrobe! I want all of the adorable clothes that are on there.. *le sigh* None of my clothes fit me anymore.. They are either too big or still a hair too small. I am trying to hold off until Christmas to buy clothes.

Here are some of my faves!!

{Love the Teal w/ Grey!}

{I love the brightness of the yellow!!}

{This would be perfect for a Christmas Outfit!!}

{Again, I love this yellow!}

{This top is darling!}

{The nude look is very classic!}

{Oh Coral, I love this color!}

{all images are from my Pinterest }

Every year, my family asks me what I want for Christmas, I always tell them to just spend it on the kids.. Not this year baby! Mama Needs Some New Clothes!!

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californiadreamin said...

Oh wow, love all these outfits!! Congrats on the 30 el bee's mama!!