Monday, November 14, 2011

First Movie in a Theater!!

Yesterday I decided to take DJ to the movies for the first time! He got a gift card to the movies for his birthday and I figured it was a great day to go!

Every time the Puss in Boots movie trailer came on the tv, he would get so excited! So I asked him what movie he wanted to see, of course he said Puss in Boots! So we got ready and then we were off to the movies!!

When we got to the theater, I got him a kid pak {popcorn, soda & fruit snack} and me a soda. We got our stuff and headed in. We picked up a booster seat for him and got him situated in his seat, popcorn in lap and he was good to go!

In the beginning, he said it was a little loud but nothing bad. Once the movie started, he was glued to the screen. He would laugh at the funny parts and tell me about what was going on.. Lol all in all, he did amazing!! I thought he would have wanted to get up and move around or leave, but he stayed seated! He got up 3 times because his booster seat was sliding and his butt was getting sore... LoL

So his first time at a movie was perfect!! I am so proud he did so well :) Next Sunday, I am taking Reagan to Build A Bear for her late birthday present :) Yay!!

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