Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seriously Thursday...

- How can thanksgiving be one whole week away?!? Didn't we just have halloween? I am ready to grub on some yummy food!!!

- I have already looked up all of the black friday ads for next week.. And, already made my plan of attack! hahaha

- The kids have the whole week off next week.. Lets hope I dont go crazy!!

- The kids are getting sick, again... I can not stand having sick kids!! Runny Noses are the worst.. *gag*

- I have all of my lists for the holiday season ready... I'm a big list maker.. haha

- Just ordered some cute stuff at Plum District! And Letters from Santa for the kids!!

- My Giveaway ends on Saturday!! So go comment and enter!!



Mrs. Mama said...

LOVE plum district!! eek!! have fun next week with the kiddos!

Jess said...

Oh my GOSH. I had no idea Thanksgiving was so soon. Probably because Aaron and I won't get to spend it together, so it's not all that exciting for us this year.
BUT you know what that means? In only a week, I can put up Christmas decorations! YahoOOO!