Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap....

So for some reason my Halloween post disappeared.. *Boo!*

Anyways, The kids had a blast trick or treating and got 5lbs of candy each.. Yeah that is a lot for a 3 & 4 year old...

While the kids were still in school, my sister, allen and myself went to the pumpkin patch to get a few more pumpkins.. A lot of them were getting bad spots and we only found 2 to my sisters liking.. lol Allen had fun walking around and had to touch every.single.pumpkin. in arms reach.

When the kids got home from school, they got to gut their pumpkins.. They were all for it till they touched the insides.. hahaha I told them that they had to do at least half of it, then I would do the rest.

After that, they got to help auntie make chocolate chip cookies! They love helping anyone who is willing to let them. Then it was nap time!! Auntie can get them to sleep faster than I can.. hahaha

While they napped, my sister and I carved the pumpkins and ran to the store to get a few things. I decided to get some blue hair spray stuff to put in Allens hair. haha At about 5:30 we decided to wake the kids up and get them dressed and ready for trick or treating. They were so excited and were asking "is it time yet?" anout five dozen times in a 20 minute time span..

Finally it was time!!!

The kids, dave and myself headed out and we got to about 2 houses and allen starts to freak out. So dave took allen back to the house to feed him and I took the kids. My sister met up about an hour later and was surprised at how much candy the kids already had.. hahaha

After about two hours of trick or treating, the kids were wiped out! We always trick or treat my dads house last :)

Hope everyone had a great night!!!


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