Saturday, November 26, 2011

DJ in Dreamland...

I am so happy that thanksgiving break is over!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death! This week was just a little too chaotic! Not to mention that we were stuck in the house mon-wed & fri. Today I am getting us out of the house!

So if you haven't heard read about how hyper DJ is, I will give you a little background..

DJ has "Unofficial ADHD." That means he has ADHD Tendencies, but they can not officially diagnose him until the age of Five. He is just a big ball of energy and just go go go's..

A few friends were talking about Melatonin and it's uses. So last night I did a lot of research about it and decided that we were going try this out. Bed time usually consists of him messing around and not falling asleep till at least 11pm. It was getting completely ridiculous!

Last night Dave ran to the store and picked up a bottle of Melatonin's fast dissolving tablets {strawberry flavor}. I gave him 1/2 of a 5mg tablet and told him it was time to relax. About 45 minutes later, it was time for bed. He fought about not wanting to go to bed, but finally realized he will always lose this battle :) I get him tucked in and calmed down.

After about 15 minutes he was


I think I actually did the happy dance!!

I don't think He has ever gone down that fast in a long time! I am planning on making a dr appt for him, just to talk with his ped and let her know that we will be using this with him now. We are going to start pushing the kids bedtime up. It's currently 9pm and I want bedtime to be either 7:30-8pm.

Guess what else...?!?

He slept through the whole night with out getting up or rustling around..!!

This morning he woke up at 8am, refreshed and in a fantastic mood! This is definitely going to be a life saver in our house at bed time! I am so happy I have finally found something that helps him relax and calm down.

Now its off to clean my tornado stricken house!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!


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