Friday, November 18, 2011

Pajama Party!!!

The kids were so excited this morning when they woke up for school!! They got to wear pajamas to school for "Pajama Day!" They thought it was the greatest thing! They also got to bring Teddy Bears. DJ took the one I made at build a bear when I was pregnant with him & Reagan took the one she got at her baby shower :) They were ready to to go 20 minutes early!!

Then it was off to my dr appt. My dr is very proud of me and my weight loss! She said that she can really tell in my face and that I look so much happier :) It made me feel really good! My 2 month weigh loss is 30lbs! I would have been lower but my visitor came a whole week early.. So bloat kept me at the same... She also asked me how I will handle thanksgiving dinner.. I told her that I will do portion control and will sadly skip out on the pie. The price I have to pay to lose this weight!

After my appt, I went to my dads where Dave and Allen were. I picked up my sister and we went to pick the kids up from school. DJ and Reagan freaked when they saw Auntie Bwittwee!! They did not stop talking the whole way back to dads house. They told her every single thing they did at school. We were cracking up! They watched a movie, ate popcorn, played with friends, did crafts and a bunch of other fun stuff preschoolers do!

I can't believe thanksgiving is six days away... We were invited to one of Dave's coworkers house for brunch. The guys are going to play football and the moms are going to have the kids do some crafts :) Then it's off to my dads house and my sister and I will cook everything.. Which means the guys get to clean!! My sister and I make sure we dirty every little thing hahaha!!

Sunday I am going to do my usual thankful week posts! This will be my 3rd year doing it :) Also, don't forget about my giveaway that ends tomorrow!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


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