Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy 2 months Allen!!

I can't believe it... I don't want to believe it...

He has gotten so big and his personality is really shining through!

Things Mr. Allen is doing...

- He currently weighs 12lbs 2oz. He has his 2 month check up on Tuesday, so we will find out exact weight/height/head.
- He is drinking 3-4oz every few hours. {we are on demand feeding}
- He is a great sleeper!!! He wakes up around 2-4 for a bottle then its back to sleep :)
- He is rolling over like a champ!
- Loves to smile. Even when I just say his name, his face lights up.
- He is finally getting some chunk to his legs..  
- He has amazing head control.
- Loves to look around and focus on moving objects.
- Loves tummy time and raises his head to look around.
- Loves to stand.. Little bug has some seriously strong legs!
- He is imitating sounds and I love listening to him babble and tell me stories :)
- He is becoming more communicative & expressive with his face and body.
- Doing great with his hand/eye coordination.
- Will take his fist over his binkie now...
- He is currently wearing 0/3 & 3mo clothing because of how long he is. I was getting all teary eyed putting his newborn clothes in a storage bin... {tear}

Mommy loves you so much!!

Plus a few "Outtakes"

And a Video!


Nikki said...

Awww! He is adorable!! I'm following you from the Monday Madness blog hop.

Breanna said...

Thank You!

Mary said...

How adorable!!


Cyn said...

He is absolutely precious... oh do enjoy this age -- as you well know, before you know it they are running around and talking up a blue streak!!!

Samantha said...

Second outtake is my favorite!


Melissa said...

Happy 2 months little man! He is so precious!

jamiebartley said...

Wow my 4 month old doesn't roll from back to stomach yet that is good he does so early

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