Friday, March 25, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

I am so tired of all the rain we are getting here in California. It's just so gloomy and cold. Plus the kids are off the hook because they cant go outside, besides DJ being at school. I am constantly trying to find little crafts for them to do, but I am running out of ideas... If you know me and my craft loving, this is not good!

I started working on my "Family Recipe Binder" this past week and am getting a lot of good recipes. I also want to rearrange the front room but with our massive sectional, its kinda hard. *sad face* I am looking for some wall decals and some cute frames for the kids pictures.

DJ was a little congested so he stayed home from school yesterday. I swear right when I got off the phone with his teacher, he became super hyper and seemed fine... Never fails. DJ & Reagan both woke up around 4:45 yesterday morning and fought their naps till the both passed out at 1pm.. Only to wake up an hour later... Ugh!

Reagan is doing amazing with her potty training! The only time she wears a pull up is at night for bed! She does great when we are out and about, and during nap time. She will let me know if she has to go and has not had an accident outside the house. I am so proud of her and our bank acct thanks her! So now its just Allen in diapers.

Allen slept from 10:30p-6:30a and woke up refreshed this morning! Then he didn't want to take his morning nap.. Silly guy! I hope he does well tonight too. He is at such a fun age and is always in a good mood, unless his tummy is growling. I swear this kid eats all the time. He loves to play on his tummy and then when hey is done, he will simply roll over and play.

A friend and I are going to start "Hot Yoga." I am super excited... Oh and I am going to start doing Zumba & Spin classes... Yay go me!

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!! Plus here are a few pics of the kids!


Samantha said...

I am SOOOOO jealous of your little guy's sleep habits! We are up to about 3 hours a night once or twice and then the rest is just 1.5-2.5 hours.

Your big ones are adorable too!

Jess said...

Great pictures! I wish Elliot would sleep that long!!!!
And I'd take rain over snow any day ;)